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Following Geographical Area Codes, designed by Census of India, for all State/UTs, are being used to locate the Waqf Immovable Properties for reconcilliation with Land Records Databases of differenet State/UTs:


As per the recommendations of the MDDS Committee a new coding pattern for various geographical entities has been devised. The Location Code Directory has been provided unique codes on All India basis which can be used for various e-Governance purposes. The coding convention used is as described below:

1. The State code of 2 digits within India has been used similar to the one used in earlier census.

2. The District code of 3 digits continuous code within India has been given.

3. The Sub-district code of 5 digits continuous code within India has been used.

4. The Village code of 6 digits has been used continuous code within India. Range of 000001 - 799999 has been kept for Villages. The Census Towns and OGs which are treated as urban for census purpose have also been included in the Rural Directory. The town code (only statutory towns) have been numbered within India. The town code range is 800001 - 899999.

Further, the provision for new addition, merger or split cases shall be as follows:

Addition Cases:

In case of addition of new Villages/Towns/Sub-DTs/DTs, the new geographical entity shall be added at the end with an incremental code for that geographical entity.

Merger Cases:

In case of merger, the original code of merging geographical units shall be frozen and a new single incremental code shall be given to the merged unit at the end of the corresponding geographical entity.

Split Cases:

In case of split cases the original single code shall be frozen and new individual incremental codes shall be provided at the end of the corresponding geographical entity.

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